We provide the highest level of piano moving services.

A couple of our expert, safe movers lifting a piano.We proudly move all of the pianos for the Eastman School and the Hochstein School. Our safe movers get your piano from destination to destination without a scratch!

If you want to move your piano yourself, we can’t stop you, but we urge you to contact our professional team of piano movers and get a quote for our services before you do – it’s affordable and could save you – and your piano – a lot of pain and damage.

That said, here’s an idea of the challenges of moving a piano, if you want to take the challenge yourself:

A piano is heavy.

This is pretty obvious, but here’s an idea of just how heavy pianos can get.

  • Small upright pianos are between 300 and 400 pounds, and these are the smallest pianos!
  • Large upright pianos can weigh 500 pounds, but often weigh up into 800 or more.
  • Grand pianos can weigh up to and beyond 1000 pounds depending on their model.

Make no mistake, a piano is a very heavy object. Its size makes this look obvious, but there’s a lot of dense parts inside that make it even heavier than it appears.

Pianos are delicate.

With so many intricate, moving parts, it’s very easy for pianos to get damaged on the inside from the wrong movements and bumps. Our dedicated team of safe movers are equipped to move your piano with such care that it will come out the other side undamaged.

Pianos are bulky.

Density and delicacy aside, pianos are a large object that, even if they were light, would require more than one person to move simply because it’s difficult to carry due to its bulkiness.

Pianos are awkward.

Pianos have incredibly awkward shapes, making it very difficult to accurately gauge and distribute the huge weight and density properly. As a result, this causes minor shifts in alignment to have a dramatic effect on the balance of the piano, making it very droppable.

All this said, we’re not trying to keep you from moving your own piano – we just want you to be aware of the difficulties so that you don’t get taken off guard when you do so. And if all of this makes it sound like a pain in the neck, don’t worry! Our team of movers are well-equipped to handle pianos of all sizes and shapes, so call us for a free estimate!