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A mobile storage container.

Mobile Storage

  • Perfect for College Students!
  • Delivered right to your door
  • Load/Unload at your leisure
  • Picked up and stored in our climate controlled warehouse
  • Delivery and pick-up fee

Warehouse storage with wooden units stacked on top of eachother.

Warehouse Storage

  • Safe, Secure, Climate controlled Warehouse
  • 5x7x8 Clean storage containers
  • Easy access warehouse with loading docks
  • Short term and Long term
  • Warehouse Access Mon-Sat 9am-5:30pm

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

In a nutshell, climate controlled storage is any unit that keeps temperatures consistent, between freezing and 80/90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially beneficial in parts of the world that have huge fluctuations in climate or whose heat gets extremely hot or extremely cold during certain times of year.

There are many benefits to climate controlled units (and secure units, but we’re going to assume that you know those already!) Below is a brief list of just a few reasons you might want to go with climate controlled storage:

1. It helps prevent dust from collecting in your unit.

Dust is a fairly common problem for storing your items for long periods of time. The good news is that due to the constant circulation of air, climate controlled storage doesn’t accumulate dust as much.

2. Air quality in climate controlled units is higher.

This may sound like a little problem, but the quality of the air in a storage unit can have a huge effect on electronics and documents, and the higher the air quality the better.

3. Some items benefit from climate controlled storage.

Some items are obvious, like antiques and paper objects. The humidity of an ordinary storage unit can cause some deterioration in paper products, and antiques (especially wooden antiques) can become damaged from frequent changes in climate.

Other items that benefit from climate controlled storage are leather and upholstered furniture, mattresses and instruments. All of these are highly sensitive to changes in climate, musical instruments especially, as string instruments can permanently lose their tuning if the neck of the instrument bends too much in the heat or cold.

4. Conditions are more comfortable for packing and unpacking.

In a climate controlled unit, the temperature of the location you would be packing and unpacking your belongings in would be much more hospitable. Instead of packing or unpacking the vehicle with your belongings in icy cold or sweltering heat, the in-door, climate controlled storage location is much more comfortable to prepare in.